a.To preach and spread the word of God.

b.To build, buy or hire and maintain the church building, social halls etc.

c.To Baptize,conduct weddings, burials, conferences and community social work as to improve living standards of the people.

d.To assist the needy like orphans, widows and street children.

e.To plant churches, to ordain and license pastors to carry out the of the EMAW church.

f.To organize Christian rallies, conventions, camps, street meetings and open air crusades in church halls, tents and any other convenient places.

g.To enter in to lease agreements with individuals, government for hire of buildings, houses, open space to enhance the objectives of EMAW church.

h.To ask and accept donations from members, government, charitable organizations, non-members and any person corporate or private from all parts of the world.

i.To borrow money from banks, Sacco’s, charitable organization or well wishers as recommended by the executive board committee the monies borrowed must be used exclusively for enhancing the objective of EMAW church.

j.The organization of EMAW is a non political and non profit making.

k.To buy goods or services necessary for the furtherance of objections of the EMAW church, including building materials, training equipments and stationeries.